You can probably benefit personally and professionally with a little networking or relationship building. There are smart, influential, and genuinely nice people are out there and willing to help if you just branch out and open up. These connections have the power to open up doors you never thought were available, as well as offering a channel for you to share your knowledge. While that sounds great, the truth is that the process of getting to know a stranger can be quite intimidating. If you’re like me and a bit on the introverted side, here are some sites to help bring your social butterfly out of its cocoon.

  • The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker - Although the article is a couple years old, read this one. Keith Ferrazzi, a top-gun of networking, shares his secrets to networking success.

  • Networking FAQ - Ask 10 people what networking is and you are going to get many different answers. This is a great intro on networking is and why it’s not “schmoozing”

  • Networking Resources - Here you can find some resources on networking including making new contacts, how to set up a network meeting, why networking, and making contacts abroad.

  • Networking in Business - You do have to register for this site, but their articles are good. To quote this article, “Just saying, ‘Here, let me give you my card,’ also isn’t going to cut the mustard these days. We don’t know about you, but it can feel quite off-putting when someone thrusts a card and a phony smile at us and expects us to welcome them with open arms and give them a ton of business.”

  • 5 Tips from WealthJunkie

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Chris Campbell

It’s Who You Know by Chris Campbell

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  1. Elliot Swan · 5 years ago

    Thanks for the good resources there, I’ll have to spend some time and look through those.

  2. Alexander Kintis · 5 years ago

    Good links.

    You’re right, networking is a big part of the overall picture. For some, even many, it is difficult wondering where to start.

    Technically, it could be considered the same as trying to find a boyfriend/girlfriend. The big thing everyone gets nervous about is the ice breaker. You think to yourself, what can I say that’s not dumb, wierd, etc. One solution: Just be yourself and say a comment about something that’s going on around the two of you. Laugh about it, be angry, express yourself and again, just be yourself.

    The next step, in a relationship is trying to get the woman’s/man’s phone number. This aspect of the similar scenario is the same as the one we are concerned about. Bring something up that would require personal information exchange. Example: “[If he/she’s talking about their services or products] Sounds interesting. Do you have a web site which I can check out? [gives address] Cool, thanks. Is your e-mail address on here [the website] too?” That’s it. That is just one run through of a possible scenario. Other things could be either personal cell phone numbers, etc. If you don’t exchange information, or get the other person’s information, don’t worry about it. Just like there are plenty of other women/men in the sea, there are plenty of other possibilities [in the sea].

    Same concept, different ball game. Be yourself and don’t be afraid. The worst that can happen is that you don’t get his/her information. And if you didn’t, who cares? You never had it in the first place.

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and the biggest risk if not taking one. What do you have to lose?

  3. Peter Mescalchin · 5 years ago

    It’s so very true. Doesn’t matter if you’re a XHTML Wizz and know AJAX like the back of your hand - it’s the guys (and gals) that can network that get the business.

    I have found that taking a hit and doing websites that haven’t paid much (if anything at all) but deliver me new channels of people/communities in which I can network and potentially pick up new work have worked really well for me.

    Nice set of links - like above have said - will have to give em a read today :)

  4. Alexander Barbara · 5 years ago

    Thanks for the link!

  5. Ben · 5 years ago

    On the subject of networking, check out the book, “Never Eat Alone.” It’s a fun, fast read.