A post on the lessrain blog, Nasty XML Load Bug in IE6, just prevented my day from being ruined. Apparently, there are issues with a Flash object loading XML in a secure IE6 page, and the last thing anyone wants to do is spend hours tracking down some obscure bug. So if your working happily with secure Flash, and all of a sudden your data won’t load in IE6, the fix is simple:

header("Cache-Control: cache, must-revalidate");
header("Pragma: public");

You can read the comments on lessrain for more workarounds, but this did the trick for me. It seems that I’m late to the party since people have known about this since 2005, but I’m sure there is some poor soul out there not in the know. What can I say — I don’t work with Flash much.

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Ryan Campbell

Loading Flash in an IE6/SSL Environment by Ryan Campbell

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  1. Nathan de Vries · 3 years ago

    Funny, I had this exact problem the other day. In my case, I was sending “Pragma: no-cache” headers for a loader SWF to IE, which proceeded to display a nice blank page.

    Strangely, Adobe have a TechNote under the title of Flash Player issues with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) communication which includes a section titled “Data Loading fails when using a no-cache header Pragma”. What’s strange about it is that despite using all the appropriate keywords, the technote is buried in Google’s index to the point where you have to be a little crazy (or know it’s there) to keep searching for it.

  2. Nathan de Vries · 3 years ago

    PS: My comment is showing up in the feed but not on the article page. Unsure if that’s a sign of something being wrong, but I thought I’d let you know :)

  3. Ryan Campbell · 3 years ago

    Ah good find. I never came across that technote. And I can see your comment now.